hot, cheesy, fresh and zingy

hot, cheesy, fresh and zingy



I ate at Cheeseboard twice this week.  It was worth it.

On the first visit this week, I had a slice of asparagus, Gouda, mozzarella, garlic olive oil and gremolata pizza.  They thinly sliced the asparagus into rounds so the pizza was easy to eat.  I also bought a whole head of sweet roasted garlic to schmear on the pizza.  Messy but worth it.

For their Cinco de Mayo celebration, Cheeseboard created a zucchini, corn, mozzarella, onion, feta, cilantro and garlic olive oil pizza.  They gave us key limes to squeeze on top and fresh, spicy salsa verde to dip the crust in.  Ridiculously good.  Sweet pop of corn kernels, salty feta cheese, green taste of cilantro and zing from the limes.  

My friend Jenna and I also shared a small salad with a creamy tomato dressing, jicama and pine nuts.  The greens were fresh, and big enough to eat like chips—pick up leaf, dip in dressing, chomp.  Health-wise, It made me feel slightly better about eating a cheesy piece of pizza.

Cheeseboard is not that expensive.  Slices are $2.50 which includes a big slice of pizza and a small sample slice to eat as you are trying to find a place to sit.  Here is the link to check the pizza of the day.