creamy, fresh and flavorful

creamy, fresh and flavorful


Ok, so I am one of those people who waits in line for over 15 minutes to buy a scoop of ice cream at Ici.  The shop is cute, it is close to La Mediterranee restaurant, and my friend  works there.  However, it never quite lives up to my expectations, and I’m always left wanting more flavor and more creaminess.

Tara’s Organic Ice Cream is a couple blocks further down College St. towards Safeway.  I saw this new ice cream store last semester, but I was too afraid to move away from the intensely popular Ici.  Tara’s never looked busy, which I thought was a sign of unworthiness.  Tara’s isn’t as cute as Ici, it just looks like a normal ice cream shop.  Didn’t we always learn that we can’t judge a book by its cover?

A few days ago I walked past Tara’s and there was a rambunctious group of kids and moms eating ice cream in front of the store.  I asked them how the ice cream was and a mom said “Good enough for us to keep coming back.” 

I stepped into Tara’s and the man behind the counter asked me what I wanted to try.  There seemed to be about 20 flavors on display. I tried garam masala, Tazmanian honey, green tea and blueberry mint.  All of the flavors were pronounced and nothing tasted artificial.  Usually I don’t like blueberry flavored things, but this ice cream tasted like fresh blended blueberries and garden mint.  It smelled and tasted like it should.

Tara’s offers a “smaller than small” cup for $2, which was the perfect size for me.  I like a small amount of amazingly flavorful ice cream and Tara’s delivers.

P.S. The nutritional facts of Tara’s ice cream seems too good to be true, but hey, I’ll believe it so I can eat more ice cream (: