carrot cupcakes

carrot cupcakes

I was walking through Sproul the other day and a girl approached me with a plate of cupcakes for sale.  The cupcakes appeared to have real frosting on them with two banana chips on top for a garnish.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy one because I didn’t have any cash at the time.  However, I emailed Alamira, the creator of BabyCakes cupcake company, and asked when was the next time that she would be selling.  

So today I met Alamira and bought a carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting on top for $2.  The cupcake was light and delicate and the frosting was creamy and beautifully applied in a flower shape.  The only suggestion I have is to make the cupcake more carroty to stand up to the frosting.

She also makes fat free cupcakes with fat free yogurt or organic cupcakes with all organic ingredients.  I am just excited someone created a startup baking business.  Next week I will feature the Cal Cooking Club’s snack stand.

Yay for homemade snacks on Sproul (: