crunchy, colorful and refreshing

crunchy, colorful and refreshing



Yes, we know salads, vegetables, dark leafy greens etc. are healthy for us.  Therefore, we try to eat these almost every day, usually in the form of a salad.  Sometimes we get in a rut and eat a similar salad every day.  Boring.

 I live in a large house, with lots of girls…a.k.a a sorority (don’t judge) and we have a salad bar.  There is a good selection of veggies like jicama, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes, but I am bored of the leafy greens.  

Lately I started replacing freshly shredded cabbage for the leafy greens.  Red and green cabbage is crunchy, tasty and colorful.  I usually add shredded carrots, diced avocado, chopped fresh herbs, diced bell pepper and chopped spring onions to the cabbage.  For the dressing I mix chopped fresh garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper. If you let the shredded cabbage sit for a few minutes in the vinagrette it will become a little more pliant and flavorful but will still be crunchy and delicious.

Try it if you like crunch and you are bored of your leafy greens.

Fun fact: DON’T USE FAT FREE DRESSING.  Apparently the fat from olive oil helps your body absorb the nutrients in the vegetables you are eating.  Also, olive oil just tastes good.